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  Yodit Yemane America's Most Smashable Models!  

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September Model 2016

Model of September; Yodit Yemane

Andrea Model Fuckin you tonite

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Newly Released Drake 4 PM In Calabasas

 And you'll never guess who's head he's going at! And No it's actually not who you're thinkin. But the thing we're trying to figure out, is why are they going after each other low key. Is it because Drake tried to get at Cassie or was it because of the agreement that Diddy had with Drake to give him the Track 0 -100? (Video)

Latina (Samira Martins)

 If there was a such thing as the Perfect body. Samira would be our number one candidate..  (Photos + Video)

Did The Game Really Just Do that to Maliah Michel On Stage At the Club!?

 Umm well, in this world video doesn't lie.. For the most part anyway. We're not saying this is crazy or wrong in anyway. But, the fact that he did this on stage in a room full of guys instantly breaks guy code.We won't get into it much, but we do believe this was a little weird.. (Video)

Mia Khalifa / Top 21 Sexiest Photos Ever 

Just to keep you guys in the know; Mia Khalifa is Still One of the Baddest Girls on the net. #champagne papi #stillcantfuck # #onlyovoLost : Coming Soon! 21 Hottest Pornstars Ever! (Photos)

The Golden State Warriors #1 Fan Roni Rose

Thot of the Week For Sure! Roni Rose has that wrapped this up pretty tightly. As the video of her thirst has gone viral. Roni is the girl that everyone on social media is talking about right now. And it's mostly because of a simple look to Steph.Well not really.. she kinda gave Steph the "I don't really care if you have a wife and kid, come fuck me right now" look EVER Lol. It's funny but, In reality, she only wanted the D.Lol ( Video)

Alyssa Marie America's Most Smashable Models!

 June Model ; IG ms_alyssamariee  (Video)

Best Twerk Ever!! Ayisha Diaz (Dominican Girlz Be Like)

There is no denying our luv for her. This video of Diaz has sent her sexiness to a new level. ( Video)

Talia #WCW Snow Bunny

All we know about Talia is that she's British she's 18 . And she's our #SnowBunnyOTW . Check out these gorgeous photos her (Photos)

New Model Lira Galore

 Lira Galore is mostly known for her modeling career and very public relationship with her now EX boyfriend/ former fiance Rick Ross. We're not gonna go into the full keynotes of her so if you wanna know more about her.Please check out her page here  (Model page)

Vashti Victoria   Curvy Diamond Dolls

Curvy Diamond doll 1# Draft pick Vashti Victoria.This girl has everything we luv and more. Her body is CRAZY for sure, and as you can tell from the photo below. She's not just a thick girl with a big butt.No, she has one of the prettiest face ever! Check out more photos of this gorgeous girl (Photos + Video)

Jasmine Elizabeth   Brown coui girls

The moment when you start to realize that the Bartenders in NYC  are actually hotter than 98% of the girls you go there to see.Yes including your girlfriend. (Photos)(Profile)

@Myahxmariee / Dimepiece Thursdays  

Myahxmariee is definitely a step above the rest. She is possibly one of the hottest girl we've ever seen on IG. And for us, that kinda saying alot. But, no need to take our word for it. Check out these photos of her for yourself and tell us what you think. (Photos)

Big Brother Hottest Girls Ever!! Top 10

Alyssa Sorto   America's Most Smashable Models

Alyssa Sorto is a pure natural. This fresh face model from New York is making a big buzz in Miami. Within days of her Miami arrival she has already hosted several clubs and has booked all the top photogs. People can not get enough of Alyssa‚Äôs all natural curves. But not only is she pretty to look at she is also a beautiful person on the inside. She is educated, professional and full of laughs. She loves to enjoy life to the fullest and has big dreams. She has quickly gained 40k followers on instagram from her incredible selfie shots. If you want to watch a rocket take off follow Alyssa Sorto!. (Video)

AB   Anabella Carrasco's New Look 

Taz Angel's AB is sporting a different style for the Summer. And we're curious as to what you guys think of it?  Are you guys feeling it? (Video)

Yodit Yemane America's Most Smashable Models!

Yodit Yemane Is our Stunning Girl of the mouth. This beautiful Ethiopian princess has everything we luv and more. We would defintely put her in the group of one the sexiest girls on the planet. A true 10 out of 10 for sure. Check out her AMSM video here to see why we love Jodie Joe so much, and we're sure you'll grow to luv her as well! (Video)

Lauren francesca   Cleavage Is the Key  

Meet Lauren Francesca everyone.. This girl has the 8 bits for sure. For those of you that don't, know. Lauren is actually a pretty popular youtuber. As of now she has a following of about 250k subscribers give or take. She's not a twerker or anythin like that, which is a bummer. But everything that drew us to her has nothin to do with her butt. But, has everything to do with her front. Unfortantely for us, we haven't found any nude/topless pics of her as of yet. But she does have some pretty awesome photos showing off her amazin body. Check her out (Photos)

MissKelly Bad gal I Tell you wanna fux

Babe: StarGirl the Weeknd

Kendra The "Perfect Ass"

For all of you Butt lover out there, we're here to let you in on a little secret! There's this girl on IG by the name of Kendra. And Kendra has something really special about her...Do you think you can figure it out? (Photos)

Princess Javel Diamond Skin

Princess Back Dat Ass Up