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Sophia Body

Ok, considering how we're actually back, and we are pretty sure it's for good now. We would like to let kick of this New Year (2016) with one of the sexiest women on IG. Many of you may know of her from reality shows, Twitter, Vine, Etc right? Also many of you may know her from the overly dramatic losers from blog sites nerds or little boys that try to bash beautiful women just for being beautiful. We all know the type.Keyboard Warriors?Virgins? We don't condone that BS here you can rest assure of that. But let's try not to drag on with this topic forever.You guys know what we're saying. The Model we chose for this mouth (January) is without a doubt "Sophia Body" Her name pretty much says it all! Profiles are coming soon

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Alyssa Marie America's Most Smashable Models!

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Valentina TTL Model (Bad AF)

Barely Dressed Butt BLAM


Blondes Do It Better Apparently!! Because Diamond Doll is looking Absolutely Amazing.Those Beautiful Brown Eyes Almost makes you forget about how Ridiculously stacked this girl is I mean JESUS she's fuxing BEAUTIFUL. Check out a few more of these great photos of her pretty little face and of course that ....Photos of that Ass!! (Photos)

Alyssa Marie America's Most Smashable Models!

Crush OTW: Iskra Lawrence (PAWG)

To be completely honest  with you guys...We Would so slide in her DMs..I know it's surprising right. As you can tell by the video of her.This girl has Alot Personality, and if personality counted for anything she would dominate alot of girls for sure. (Videos+Photos)

New Snow Bunny; Paige Cassandra / Thick Snoww

PAWG OTW is Paige Cassandra! Most of you guys may know her by her Instagram/Twitter name, which is Thick Snoww. Whatever name you choose for her, there is no doubt in our minds that you guys won't disagree with our choice of Crush OTW..  (Video)  +  (Profile)

Andjelica Bejbe

Ok, who knew they made girls like this is Serbia? For SURE she has to be a foreigner.  Andjelica is a EURO chick, and we think we've found a new place to search for Hotties. Let's keep our fingers cross and hope we can find girls like her sooner rather than later. (Photos)

Rita Goes Topless For Lui Magazine 

Let's skip the BS AND get straight to it!, Her tits are fuxing amazing!!...Thank You Lui Magazine You Guys Are Awesome!!! Also guys, if you just happen to miss her 2015 Christmas Jingle. It's kinda bring new perspective to "The Christmas Jingle" (Photos)

June Model 2016


We really don't need to convince anyone one that Graciii3 is one of the prettiest girls on the planet!! You can clearly see that from her social media. What we wanna say is that, for a long time. We've considered Olivia Munn as the hottest Asian celebrity girl ever!  Until we met Gracii3. (Profile)(Video)

Model of June; Alyssa Marie

Brown coui girl (Alexis Redd)

Check out our Newest Coui Girl Alexis Redd (Shawtyyy Redd)  (Profile) + (Video)

Snow Bunny coui girl (Kassy Kass)

Check out our Newest Coui Girl  Kassy Kass  (Profile) 

Brown coui girl; Ÿ‘‘Janae Girard

Janae Girard; is our dead gorgeous biracial hottie from IG. And to be perfectly honest with you guys. We're so glad that we found her. She's absolutely breathtaking, the only down side if there is one, is that she doesn't have many video of her dancin. Which is sad because she's sooo good at it. Let's just hope in the future she'll make a little more. Don't forget to follow her on IG @janaegirard  (Profile + Video)

PAWG Hot Big Booty Kitchen Twerk

Brown coui girl;  Lalovetheboss

All Natural and we luv her for it!! This girl is DOPE af at ever angle! Black girls stand up and take notes. This girl is the definition Beautiful. Check her out on her IG @ lalovetheboss (Profile)

Snow Bunny coui girl;  Leidycakesdotcom

 Leidy Cakes is the perfect name for her!! We kinda found out about her actually from Cherry barbie which is another girl we just added. From what we can tell they both work at the same club. And when we say club I think you guys know what we mean Check out her (Profile)

IG model Brittany Renner shows off her football / Twerkin skills

Model Brittany Renne: "Got a mean right and a mean left 😂⚽️ call me good at something I'll say I'm good at a bunch of things." (Video)

Chloe Khan America's Most Smashable Models!

 Chloe is the perfect example of what drive, determination and perseverance can really do for you ultimately. Whether you know it or not. This british model went from rags to riches after being rip apart by superficial predictable British media; being destroyed by  judges on the TV show X-Factor. She has grown to become one of the most successfull cam girls/model in L.A. We completely rock with girls that has drive and has no limits for themselves. Check out Chloe Khan May's Model of the Mouth   (Video)

Snow Bunny coui girl;  Love.randalin

The Ultimate PAWG she's on the top of the food chain if you ask us. Randalin  is so pretty, that you can almost forget about how insane her body is..Check out her profile and videos and let us know what you think of her  (Profile)

Latina coui girl; Red Rose La Cubana

Red Rose La Cubana; One of the hottest Girls on IG (Profile + Video)

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Alyssa Marie America's Most Smashable Models!

 June Model ; IG ms_alyssamariee  (Video)

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